Tickets sold the day of the event are $30. ​Admission includes 

  • 10 tasting tokens to sample local craft brews as well

  •  Sample and vote on 10 additional specialty local homebrews

  • Commemorative glass

  • Annual HRC Membership or Renewal

You will be required to show official ID at the entry point of the festival. If individual is not drinking alcohol, no admission is required. 

Sunday March 8th, 2020 



1900 NW 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97209


All genders, all ages, fundraising event to show support for female-identified members of our community all while supporting LGBTQ people here in Oregon and across the Nation! Featuring 30+ local female craft beer and cider brewers along with 10 homebrewers that will compete for your vote for Best of Peoples Choice for best brew! Join us for an exciting day while celebrating LGBT equality. 

This festival supports all women and the LGBTQ community with proceeds to go to the Human Rights Campaign and the Oregon Brew Crew. 

2020 Participating


Celebrating Awesome Women of Beer!

ALL of our beers, ciders and meads brewed exclusively by women at the SheBrew Festival! 

Breakside Dekum

Natalie Baldwin

Wentworth by the Sea

Summer Ale. a golden take on a classic English mild- malt focused yet dry with just a kiss of floral hop character from Oregon grown Crystal hops. 4.4% 15 IBU

10 Barrel

Tonya Cornett

Guava Crush

We packed Pink guava flavor and aroma into our tart Berliner Weisse base. Like all of our Crush series, this beer is fruit focused and made for the sour beer lover.

ABV 5.2% IBU 10

Bauman Cider

Christine Walter

Blessed Be The Fruit

Cloaked in a veil of innocent pink – voluptuous oranges, limes, dragonfruit and disobedience are teeming in this fruity cider. The flavor of resistance. ABV 6.5%

^5 Cider

Shannon Mosely


Apple Cider fermented in Bourbon Barrels with Bret


Cat Wiest

Reina Dos

Blonde ale that has been aged in a tequila barrel. Romantic and effervescent, enjoy your time with the new queen. ABV 6.5, IBU 10

McMenamins Thompson

Jen Kent

Tanabala IPA

Citusy IPA with a touch of dank hop that has been blended with juniper berries that were soaked in McMenemins Joe Penny Gin.

ABV 5.8%

McMenamins Cider

Racquel Chappel

White Rose Cider

Fermented dry and aged in Muscat dessert wine barrel with dried rose buds and a touch of honey. Distinct floral flavors with hints of honey, Amaretto, soft integrated oak and a clean finish. ABV 6.5%

Spider City

Melanie Betti

Deer Garden Hazy IPA

Tropically pungent hazy IPA with undertones of citrus, melon, orange peel, papaya, and pine. ABV 6.6%, IBU 30


Gracie Nelson & Madeleine McCarthy

Borderline Italian Pilsner

Italian Pilsner is a light, crisp, lager heavily dry hopped. The blend of hops create meld of breathy berry notes, catchy citrus hooks, and a falsetto of floral undertones, that when combined, sings “You know I be one of a kind” to your palette. ABV 5.0%, IBU 24


Lindsay McIntosh

Sunrise Hazy

 Juicy, hazy IPA with organic blood orange, Simcoe and Citra hops. Golden and hoppy but not too bitter. Best served at sunrise.  
ABV 5.5%, IBU 50

Portland Brewing

Courtney Lacey

Mother’s Little Helper

A hoppy honey pilsner, dry hopped with this years Pink Boots Hop Blend.

ABV 6.0%, IBU 32


Kelsey Cable

Theory of Mind

Cream ale brewed with flaked corn and rolled oats. Cold conditioned for a light bodied, highly drinkable and crisp ale.

ABV 4.5%, IBU 15

Widmer Bros

 Kaylen Gibbens

Alt School

German-Style Altbier. A throwback to one of the original beers that shaped Widmer Brothers Brewery, this well balanced beer combines a noble hop character with a slight fruity ester characteristic of the house Alt yeast we still brew with today.

ABV 5.0%, IBU 31


Felicia Reninger

Barracuda IPA

A tropical IPA brewed with Kviek Yeast with a Galaxy Dry Hop. IPA is dank with notes of guava, lime and pink starburst.

ABV 6.0%, IBU 60

Alter Ego Cider

Angie Watkins

Muffin Top

Blueberry cider with meadowfoam honey, vanilla bean, and lemon zest.  Dedicated to everyone’s muffin top. You’re perfect. #bodypositivity. ABV 6.9%

Portland Cider

Helen Belleli and women of Portland Cider

Mandrake Cuties

Move over Hermione, the cuties of Portland Cider Co. earned an A+ from Professor Sprout with this bright, citrusy cider – bursting with hand-juiced cutie mandarins and a touch of Mandrake root for a delicate earthy twist. Drink it, it’s Wizardly good! A proper resurrection potion in a cider made with 100% NW apples.  ABV 4.8%

Breakside Milwaukie

Anne Aviles


Polish ale with oak-smoked wheat. Looking to her mother’s Polish heritage, our brewer Anne designed this beer and brewed it for the 2020 SheBrew Festival. Anne herself describes the beer as “liquid kielbasa.” ABV 3.5%

Rev Nats Cider

Dawn Stricker

Cheer with Pom-Pommes

 granny apple base cider with pomegranate juice, licorice root, and ginger. ABV 6.0%

Double Mountain

Jen House

Precious Meddles

Belgian Single. Czech Saaz hops and “Precious” yeast (Orval) add delicate flavors to this easy-drinking ale. Notes of fresh bread, cardamom, Meyer lemon, starfruit, and just a hint of banana and clove. ABV 5.2%, IBU 12


Sonia Marie Leikam

Monica Leminsky

A raspberry pale with lemondrop hops and a citrus twist. Dedicated to the women able to reclaim their personal narratives following public shaming and being dragged through the mud. ABV 5.8%, IBU 50

McMenamins Edgefield

Lindsey Repp

Hazel Eyed Girl

Nut Brown Ale with chocolate and roasty malt characteristics, hazelnuts for a hint of aroma and flavor and rolled oats for a creamy texture. ABV 5.2%, IBU 17

McMenamins Hillsdale

 Jenni Augello

Stay Gold Kölsch

Pouring golden in color with a light to medium body, Stay Gold delivers a honey-like malty sweetness with a crisp clean finish and a hint of floral flavor and aroma. ABV 4.9%, IBU 13

Modern Times

Anna Buxton with Lynn Meeuwsen of ABV

Crystal Aura

Hazy PA with soft, sweet, candy-like peach/nectarine notes, possibly a bit of floral/herbal notes as well. 6.2% ABV


Madeleine McCarthy & Gracie Nelson

Borderline Italian Pilsner

Italian Pilsner is a light, crisp, lager heavily dry hopped. The blend of hops create meld of breathy berry notes, catchy citrus hooks, and a falsetto of floral undertones, that when combined, sings “You know I be one of a kind” to your palette. ABV 5.0%, IBU 24

Heater Allen

Lisa Allen

Skagit Malt And a Slew of Hüll Melon

his Single Malt And Single Hop lager is made with 100% Skagit Valley Copeland Pilsner malt and a heavy dose of Hüll Melon hops in the kettle and dry-hop. ABV 6.0%, IBU 37

Great Notion

Lara Hargrave

Extra Basic Batch

An off-white stout with hints of coffee, coconut and cacao.  ABV 5.5%


Lee Hedgmon

W.I.G Everybody Follows

ESB style with notes of coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate with the added addition of raisin syrup for subtle sweetness. The buckwheat adds a nutty flavor and body to the beer.  ABV 6.5%, IBU 30


Kiley Gwynn

Pilot Batch No. 43

Herbal Witbier, Light citrus hop character and wheat malt character harmoniously collide with cardamom, coriander, and chamomile. ABV 4.6%, IBU 32


Danielle Redman

A Wee Unhinged 

a Wee Heavy

Strong Scotch Ale characterized by its roasted and caramel malts. Our Wee Heavy is just that, boasting roasted cherry flavors balanced with a gentle sprinkling of bittering and aroma hops. ABV 7.7%, IBU 20

Walking Man

Tessa Longnecker

Im–Peach Mint Wheat Ale

Cold steeped peach tea in an American wheat ale. Garnish with mint or not, to peach their own. ABV 4.9%, IBU 28


Colette Becker & the women of Ecliptic

Gaia Grapefruit

A traditional German-style sour ale with subtle notes of hibiscus and rosehip. This pink-hued beauty packs a punch of tart grapefruit flavor and is light and refreshing. The name Gaia has ties to Ancient Greek mythology as the goddess who personified the Earth, and it is also the name of a space telescope... a perfect fit for the ladies of Ecliptic’s Cosmic Team. (ABV 4.5%, IBU 13)


Tracy Hensley & the Women of Rogue

Fuzz Yeah!

Kiwi Blackberry Ale. The fresh fruit is complemented by the tropical/berry character of Australian Enigma hops.  
(ABV 4.9%, IBU 22)


Peoples Choice Award

Vote for your favorites! Specially created home-brews  begins at noon. Taste them all while supplies last! 


Corrie Heath

Buddha had a Hand in this Beer

Belgian Witbier with Buddha's Hand, This take on a light wheat belgian beer keeps the classic coriander but adds in Buddha's Hand, an ancestor of lemons and oranges, in two stages of the brewing process. 

ABV 4.3% 14 IBU


Caitlin Brehm

Dread Queen of the Underworld

American Porter with pomegranate and black garlic.

ABV 5.5%, 33 IBU


Jessica Prior

Not so Mild-Mannered Mild Ale

English Mild. Malty and slightly sweet, biscuity and easy-drinking, with slight hop spice.

ABV 3.8% and 20 IBU


Melinda Malek

Just Chai Me

Chai Spiced Milk Stout


Katherine Gooding

Her Way IPA

Kolsch, The 2019 Queen of Beer Best of Show winning beer is a kolsch-like lager made with purple sweet potato and ube. Inspired by my friend Norresa who wanted to make a beer to honor her Filipino heritage and traditions.  

ABV 5.5% IBU 19


Jennifer Hohensee

Hip Strawberry Beast Dreams

Light farmhouse ale fermented with Imperial's Loki yeast- Norwegian Voss Kveik Strain- transferred onto strawberry puree and rose hips x 10 days.

ABV 6% IBU 26


Michele Wonder

A Girl from Arizona 

Belgian Specialty Ale

ABV 6.5%,  35 IBU


Torri Hansmann

Blissfully Toasted Coconut Porter

Coconut Porter

ABV 7.3%, 32IBU


Meagan Leigh Thompson

Rocky Mountain Spruce Ale

Spruce Tips and Mt. Hood hops, dry hopped with Eukanot.

ABV 5.1%


Kathleen Freitag

Her Way IPA

NW Style IPA with a 2 row base malt, Imperial A24 Dry Hop yeast using Mosaic, Citra, Cascade, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops.

ABV: 6.83% IBU: 68


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